Approaches for Student-Centred Teaching
@"Some Students Cannot Join in Groups" 
@"Groups Are Too Large"  
@"Orientation is Not Clear"  
@"We Need More than a Discussion"  
@"Irrelevant Acts during Group Discussion" 
@"Lack of Time Allocation Instructions" 
@"Not Doing Homework" 
@"Aggressive Comments"  
@"Inadequate Comments"  

We produced two video series eApproaches for Student-Centered Teachingf and eAstounding DON'TS during Universityf. These were products as part of the FD (Faculty Development)programs granted to Yamagata University as one of the selected program s in fPrograms for High-Quality University Educationf by the Ministry of Education ,Culture, Sports and Technology in Japan.

Astounding DON'TS during University Lectures
@"A Flood of Information" 
@"Teacherfs Timekeeping"  
@"A One-Way Street"  
@"Don't Vent Your Anger on Us"  
@"The Back Seats are Occupied" 
@"Non-Interactive Class" 
@"Boasting of One's Family" 
@"Looking Down on Students"  
@"A Quiet Person"  
eAstounding DON'TS during University Lecturesf provides various information. Through this video, teachers can
discuss how to improve lectures each other.
Approaches for Student-Centred Teaching
Astounding DON'TS during University Lectures
eApproaches for Student-Centered Teachingf aims to provide useful information about active learning.
Teachers can discuss ho to practice collaborative learning, student-centered learning, and problem-based learning.

The story and characters portrayed in this production are fictitious.Noidentification with actual groups and persons is intended or should be inferred.
Any unauthorized reproduction or use of this film is prohibited.