The national financial supported project from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, since 2012


Prof. Takaharu Oda(Ph.D).

The President of “Tsubasa Project”

Because of the aging population combined with the diminishing number of children, prefectural, city and other local governments are required to solve this matter of one mind. This matter affect higher education materially in relation among universities and due to the low rate birth, the competition to increase student enrollment has been getting keened and medium or small-scale universities are struggling to handle this matter.

With that in mind, 34 national public and private universities, junior colleges and vocational schools in 2008 joined together to establish the "FD network, Tsubasa" with the goal of improving educational strength through local partnership. At present, this "FD Network Tsubasa" has grown to a membership of 49 higher education institutions throughout Hokkaido and the Tohoku and Kanto regions all working together on various types of research.

The "Program for Promoting Inter-University Collaborative Education" launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2012 adopted the "Tsubasa Project” as a leading constituent in the formation of an educational quality guarantee and improvement system through wide-area inter-university collaboration, dubbed "Tsubasa Project". I would therefore like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved. The participants in this current project consist of 19 partner schools and 14 local government institutions.

Like its predecessors, the current project is charged with promoting FD and SD efforts, but in addition, will conduct IR (Institutional Research) for the purpose of promoting data-based improvements in education.

Moreover, we will carry out a student-centered classroom model in an effort to elevate independent learning while also seeking cooperation with local communities in cultivating among students a strong basic grounding in, and broad view of, society through locally-based, multi-day shared workshops ("Daichi") in Hokkaido, Tohoku and the Kanto region. We therefore humbly solicit your guidance and support.