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Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

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Initiative Overview


Increasing the number of women researchers and improving their research capability is considerably vital, not only from the viewpoint of gender equality but also to make an organization show its collective creativity to the full by incorporating diversified perspectives and ideas into the organization’s strategy and by vitalizing research activities. To that end, this initiative will implement support system to improve research environments for female researchers. We will help them juggle multiple roles such as doing research, giving birth, child-rearing and care for their elderly parents and encourage them to improve their research skills, so that women researchers will be able to maximize their potential.

Outline of Collaborative Type Initiative

In order to make our research environments more diversified and to create more excellent research outputs, universities and companies will work together in pursuit of facilitating research circumstances in line with the characteristics of each institution and local community, improving research skills of women researchers, and tapping more women to higher positions.