Yamagata University Gender Equality Office

Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

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Cooperating organization

Yamagata University

One of the largest national universities in eastern Japan, comprised with six faculties: Literature and Social Sciences, Education-Art and Science, Science, Medicine (Yamagata city), Engineering (Yonezawa city) and Agriculture (Tsuruoka city) with about 10,000 students enrolled. Forging a network throughout all campuses, we provide education and research opportunities by harnessing the characteristics of each region. 


Research & Development Center of Dai-Nippon Printing Co.Ltd.

This center is exploring the technologies of optical design, fine processing and evaluation analysis, all which become the bases of R&D for the state-of-the-art products in the four growing fields: “Knowledge & communication”, “Food & healthcare”, “Living & mobility” and “Environment & energy”. 


Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences

Established in April, 2014. This four-year university fosters the nutrition professionals such as nutritionists and nutrition teachers. The former help maintain and improve health, prevent diseases and cure from the viewpoint of food and nutrition, and the latter teach pupils about nutrition facts and control school lunch programs.