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Support system

Subsidy for Night/Holiday Nursery, Childcare for Sick or Convalescent Child and After-school Nursery.

We provide women researchers of the collaborative institutions with subsidy when they use night/holiday nursery, childcare service for sick or convalescent child and after-school nursery, with the aim of balancing research and child-raising.

1 Eligibility :
Researchers who are employed by the collaborative institutions (including part-time researchers who work more than 30 hours a week and has been employed for more than 2 months.) and raise children of 6th grade and under.
As long as male researchers are concerned, if their spouses are employed by universities, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, independent administrative agents, public research organizations, public interest incorporated associations/ foundations or private sector, they are eligible.)

2 Amount of Subsidy
Up to \20,000 per child annually

3 Validity Period
January 22 – March 31, 2016

4 What Nursery Is Covered?
The following nursery types such as Family Support Center are covered. Childcare by your relatives or friends is excluded. If you ask a babysitter to care your child because it’s impossible to find any nurseries, babysitting and transportation fee paid for the babysitter is compensated by the subsidy.

1) Night nursery(Including extended hours nursery service)
2) Holiday nursery(Excluding normal or extended hours nursery)
3) Childcare for sick or convalescent child
4) After-school nursery

5 Where Are Children Cared?
1) Place that childcare operator designates in its business policy. 
2) Place that your organization approves in the application of nursery subsidy.

6 How to Apply
1.Submit the following documents to your organization two weeks before using this service.
ⅰ) Registration of Nursery Subsidy
ⅱ) Document certifying parent-child relationship such as a copy of ” Maternal and
Child Health Handbook”

2.After using this service, submit the following documents to your organization within 2 weeks after the last day of its use.
ⅰ) Application of Nursery Subsidy”
ⅱ) Bank Transfer Request Form (First time only)
ⅲ) Original receipts
ⅳ) Detailed statements of nursery(Original documents which prove that your application is qualified for the subsidy defined in this rule.) 
ⅴ) Reimbursement Request(It depends on the organization that you belong to.)