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Support system

Intra-university Joint Research Grant

We financially support women researchers of the collaborative institutions for their researches.

1 Eligibility
Women researchers of the collaborative institutions who lead joint researches.

2 What Joint Research Is Covered?
All of the following conditions shall be satisfied. 
(1)Joint research starting on and after October 1, 2015. 
(2)More than one female researcher working at the collaborative institutions different from the organization of the female leader shall be included.
(3)If male researchers are included in it, more than one female researcher working at the same institution of the male counterparts shall be included. 
(4)Presentation at the conference or paper submission to the scientific magazine shall be completed by March 31, 2018.

3 How to Apply
(1)The female leader of the joint research shall apply.
(2)Submit “Application of Joint Research Grant” by the due date that each collaborative institution stipulates.
Word:72.5KB) / (PDF:120KB) 
(3) If you purchase equipment or fixture whose unit price is over \ 1million, attach its estimate.

4 How Many Researches Are Needed to Win Grants?
Several especially useful cases

5 Validity Period
1 year 
※Joint researches which have already financially supported can be applied next fiscal year and beyond.

6 What Expenses Are Covered?
(1) Equipment and fixture costs(It depends on the organization that you belong to.)
(2) Supplies expenses(Costs of purchasing supplies other than equipment or fixture)
(3) Travel expenses(provided that it is limited to travel for conference presentations or meetings on this research.)
(4) Other necessary expenses(Communications/transportation expenses, rental expenses, printing/ binding expenses, sundry expenses, etc.)

7 Who Will Review Applications and Decide to Extend Grants?
Diversity Joint Research Support Council will review and make a decision.

8 Spending Grant Funds
(1) Grant funds must contribute toward the costs of what you applied for and got approval.
(2) If expenditure plan changes, you shall communicate with the Council in advance and get their approval.

9 Announcement of Results
(1) If your joint research is selected, it will be published on the website of the collaborative institutions or PR magazines. 
(2) You might be asked to make a presentation on the selected research at the research meetings. 
(3)If the selected joint research involves intellectual property such as patent, you may withhold it from the public.

10 Submission of Result Reports
After receiving grant, the female leader shall submit “Result Report of Joint Research” to her institution by April 5 of the next fiscal year.