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Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

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Support system

Adviser System

We help women researchers of the collaborative institutions strike a balance between career and family by providing necessary information in accordance with the problems they are facing.

1 Eligibility
(1) Women Researchers being employed by the collaborative institutions
(2) Female graduates belonging to the collaborative institutions 
(3) Those who work at other institutions and eager to consult about gender equality or work-life-balance.

2 Contents of Consultation
(1) How to balance researches and life events such as pregnancy, giving birth, child-rearing or taking care of parents. 
(2) Return to study from academic suspension
(3) Other matters of gender equality or work-life-balance

3 How to Apply
Phone : Kojirakawa Campus +81-23-628-4937(ext. 4058 Murayama) 
Yonezawa Campus +81-238-26-3359(ext. 3359 Endo)

Email:junkai@jm.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp Please attach “Application of Consultation” to your email. 

4 Date and Place
(1) Adviser and consulter will contact each other and decide when they will meet. (2) Consultation room at Yonezawa campus is basically available. Other place of the collaborative institutions, if necessary, is also available.