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Support system

Nursing Supporter System

  Nursing supporters are the students who completed the “Trainings for Nursing Supporter” certified by Japan Association for The Advancement of Working Women. They will care the children of our faculty members under the guidance of childcare worker at a nursery room to help them strike a balance between job and child-raising.

1.Eligibility of Users
 (1)Faculty members of the collaborative institutions including full-time and short-time workers who are in parenting.
 (2)Those who are recognized to be eligible by the chairman of the Council of Promoting Diversity. 

2.Ages Accepted
  Infants of 1 year old through 6th grade

3.Days of Childcare Service
 (1)User’s preferred days except holidays
 (2)National Center Test for University Admissions days

4.Hours of Childcare Service
  13:00 – 19:30
  (National Center Test for University Admissions days : 7:30 – 18:30)

5.Location of Nursery Room
  Guest House YU, Yonezawa Campus of Yamagata University


6.Structure of Childcare
  One nursing supporter will be allocated for a child of 1-year-old through pre-school age, for two children of school-age under the supervision of childcare worker. We adjust the number of nursery supporters and childcare workers to be assigned, according to the number and age of the kids. We always assign at least one childcare worker.

  Up to five children

8.Usage Fee
  Free of charge

  ・Nursing Supporters have an insurance policy of the “Enrollment of Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research”. Liabilities during childcare are covered by the policy of the “General Liability Insurance of National Universities”.
  ・We recommend you to have some kind of liability coverage for your child.

10.Flow of Using This Program
  The following documents are required for registration.
    (1) Documents certifying the faculty members of the collaborative institutions.
     (Copy of health insurance card, ID card issued by Yamagata University or 
      certificate of enrollment)
    (2) Copy of health insurance card of your child
    (3) “Registration card”

  Register no later than 10 days before the first use of this serve.
   After filling the “registration card”, submit it along with the above-mentioned documents to Yonezawa Branch of Gender Equality Office.


 Interview with nursing supporter
  You may interview your nursing supporter beforehand with the presence of the staff of Gender Equality Office or childcare worker, if you wish.


  ・Call or e-mail to Yonezawa Branch of Gender Equality Office no later than 7 days before using this service, except weekends and holidays.
※ As we need to secure nursing supporter and childcare worker, we appreciate your  early booking. We are not able to meet your request when we can’t secure them or when nursery room is full.
    1.You are not allowed to shorten or extend more than 30 minutes on the day.
  2.Call by 17:00 of the previous day if you cancel due to unavoidable circumstances.
  3.Call by 9:00 on the day if you cancel due to emergency such as your child got infected.


On the day
  Bring the following stuff. Write name on all belongings. 
  ●“Communication notebook”
  ●Extra clothes including underwear
  ●Disposable diapers
  ●A couple of pieces of plastic bags for used diapers
  ●Food and drink
   As there is snack time in the morning and afternoon, please bring snack and drink for your kid. If your kid is kept before and after lunch, please prepare lunch box.
  ●A sheet of bath towel
  ●Two sheets of face towel
  ●Favorite toys


   Upon arrival at nursery room
Write health condition of your kid or pick-up time in the communication notebook and submit it. 
   ・Please tell childcare worker what you are concerned of.


 Pick up your child
  Come to the nursery room. We will tell you how your kid has spent his/her days.

 11. Download of Files
         “Registration card”・・・・・・・(:1.53MB)(:76.3KB
         “Communication notebook”・・・・・・・(:92KB)(:96KB) 
         Usage handbook ・・・・・(:357KB)