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Support system

Mentor System

We help our researchers adjust to their workplace, keep a healthy work-life balance and improve their research capabilities by facilitating mentorship relations between internal/external mentors and mentees.

1.Eligibility of Mentees
(1) Researchers being employed by the collaborative institutions 
 (including part-time researchers who work more than 30 hours a week and has been employed for more than two months) 
(2) Male researchers being employed by the collaborative institutions and whose spouse is employed by universities, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, independent administrative agents, public research organizations, public interest incorporated associations/ foundations or private sector. 

2.Contents of Mentorship
(1) Research activities and education 
(2) Career development
(3) Work-life balance 
(4) How to adjust to workplace or organization 

3.Registration as Mentor
(1) Mentors shall be researchers or retired researchers at the collaborative institutions or other universities/companies and agree to undergo educational programs, trainings and workshops to become a mentor. 
(2) After agreeing to become a mentor, they shall submit the “Mentor Registration Form” to their institutions. 
(3) Recruiting and registration period shall be determined by mentor’s institution. 
(4) In order to encourage mentor registration, each collaborative institution will hold mentor educational programs, trainings and workshops. 

4.How to Ask for Mentoring
(1) We shall take account of mentee’s preference in deciding his/her mentor. But depending on the contents of mentorship that the mentee desires, the mentor may talk and coordinate with the mentee. 
(2) If the mentee wants to ask someone outside of his/her institution for mentoring, administrative officer of mentee’s institution shall contact its counterpart of the other party’s institution to ask for mentoring. 
(3) Upon requests of mentoring, mentor shall basically accept the offer. With the consensus between both parties, it is possible to change the mentor even though mentoring is still valid. 

5.Period of Providing Mentoring and Recruiting Mentees
(1) Mentoring period is from 6 months to 12 months. When the mentor is decided, both parties shall create “Mentoring Plan" upon consultation between them and submit it to each institution. 
(2) Period of recruiting mentees are decided by mentor’s institution. 
(3) This mentoring system shall be valid by the end of February, 2018. 

(1) Travel expenses of the mentee and mentor of the collaborative institution shall be paid by mentee’s institution. 
(2) Costs including travel expenses and rewards for the mentor of the external institution shall be paid by mentee’s institution in accordance with its rules. 
(3) Whenever costs are incurred in mentoring, mentee shall report it to his/her institution in advance. 

7.Termination of Mentoring Period
(1) When mentoring is terminated, both parties shall submit the “Result Report of Using Mentor System” to their institutions. 
(2) If the mentoring period straddles two years, “Result Report of Using Mentor System” shall be submitted two times: by the end of the year and after all period comes to an end. 

8.Procedure of Using Mentor System
① Mentee shall submit “Application of Using Mentor System” 
② Ask to be an mentor 
③ Determine a mentor 
④ Decide the mentoring period and arrange schedule between the mentor and mentee.   (Submit “Mentoring Plan”.) 
⑤ Carry out mentoring 
⑥ Mentee and mentor shall submit “Result Report of Using Mentor System”

9.Download Application Form
(1) Mentor Registration Form
(2) Application of Using Mentor System
(3) Mentoring Plan
(4) Result Report of Using Mentor System

(1)   Operation of this system shall follow the rules specified by each institution
(2) This system shall be inspected and evaluated by the Council of Promoting Diversity, and fixed if necessary.