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Support system

Research Support Assistant System

If the researchers of the collaborative institutions are not able to fully devote themselves to research activities due to life events such as giving birth, child-rearing and nursing care, we will help them improve their research capabilities by allocating Research Support Assistants who will support them to balance between study and family. 

Researchers being employed by the collaborative institutions 
 (including part-time researchers who work more than 30 hours a week and has been employed for more than two months)and satisfy any of the following conditions:
(1) Being pregnant or raising children of 6th grade and under.
(2) Taking care of their relatives who are certified by municipalities as those in need of nursing care. If they live away from those in need of care, legitimate reasons of it are required.
(3) Being recognized that they will not be able to conduct substantial researches due to life events equivalent to above-mentioned.
As long as male researchers are concerned, if their spouses are employed by universities, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, independent administrative agents, public research organizations, public interest incorporated associations/ foundations or private sector, they are eligible.

2.Research Support Work
Summarizing research data, assisting experiments, etc.
Details shall be determined by each collaborative institution based on the support work described in the “Application for Research Support”. 

3.Validity Period and Time
Validity period : One semester(6 months). If you re-apply for the next semester, you will be eligible for another 6 months.
First semester:April 1, 2016 – Sep 30, 2016
Second semester:Oct 1, 2016 – Mar – Mar 31, 2017

Research Support Assistants are available for up to 15 hours a week.

4.How to Apply
1)  Submit the following documents to your organization by the due date that each collaborative institution stipulates.
As for documents (2) to (7), submit them if you satisfy the conditions.
(1)  “Application for Research Support”.
(2)  Document certifying pregnancy and giving birth (copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook).
(3)  Document certifying child’s birthdate(copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook).
(4)  Document certifying the needed long-term care or help(copy of Nursing Care Insured Policy Card).
(5)  If you live away from those in need of care, document describing specific reasons of it or its copy is required.
(6)  As for male researcher, document certifying his wife’s identification is required.
(7)  Other documents showing the circumstances of researchers.

5. Submission of Result Reports
With the end of validity period, you shall submit “Result Report of Research Support” to your institution immediately.

6.Intellectual properties
When Research Support Assistants get involved with the studies relating to the intellectual properties, you shall fully discuss with them beforehand and follow the guidance of intellectual properties of your organization in order to prevent IP information from leaking.