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Support system

Support for Return to Research Activities after Suspending Studies due to Life Events.

We will facilitate our researchers’ return to their research activities after interrupting their studies for the sake of life events such as pregnancy, giving birth, child-rearing and elderly nursing, so that we will continuously nurture them in diversified research environments. To that end, this system will provide them with financial support for startup researches and paper submission fees. 

1. Eligibility
Researchers who have interrupted their researches for more than 3 months in total for the purpose of life events, and satisfy any of the following conditions:
(1)  Researchers of the collaborative institutions who work more than 30 hours a week and has been employed for more than two months.  
(2) Researchers who are employed as fellows of “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science”.

2.Eligibility period
From April 1st three years before the year that the preceding date of your return fell on. 

3.Amount of Subsidy
Up to \500,000.

4.Validity period 
March 30, 2017 – March 31, 2018

5. Times of Application
One application per life event intermission.
If your intermission is less than three months, you may add time off of several life events as long as they are in the eligibility period. 

6. What Costs are Covered?
 (1) Supplies expenses(Costs of purchasing supplies other than equipment or fixture)
 (2) Travel expenses (provided that it is limited to travel for conference presentations, meetings on this research and Return to Work programs.)
 (3) Other necessary expenses such as conference admission fees, proofreading of paper written in English, communications/transportation expenses, rental expenses and printing/ binding expenses. Cost of hiring Research Support Assistant is not covered.

7. How to Apply
Submit the following documents to your organization by the due date that each collaborative institution stipulates.
(1) “Application of Research Subsidy after Suspending Studies due to Life Event”
(2) “Agreement to Research Subsidy after Suspending Studies due to Life Event”(Those employed by the external fund or those granted a title of Collaborative Institutions Researchers only.)
(3) Copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook, copy of certification of needed long-term care or help, documents to certify the reasons of interrupting researches

8. Submission of Result Reports of Subsidy
Submit the “Result Reports on Research Subsidy after Suspending Studies due to Life Event” to your institution by the end of April of the next fiscal year.

9. Notes
(1) This support system is funded by the “Grant for the development of human resources in science and technology” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  If you are hired by external fund, you shall confirm the eligibility of receiving this subsidy before making application. 
(2) Changes of the application contents after the due date shall not be permitted.
(3) If there is any change in the application contents during validity period, please contact the person in charge at each institution immediately.
(4) Name of the selected persons will be released on our website.
(5) If you receive this assistance, you are required to cooperate with gender equality programs or diversity promotion initiatives conducted by the collaborative institutions.