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Research Supporter System

Announcement for applicants who want to use Research Supporter

Applicants for the latter half of the fiscal year 2016(from October 1 to March 31, 2017.)

■ Research Supporter System is :

a part of projects to create an environment for all researchers working at Yamagata University to continue research activities while maintaining work-life-balance. It aims to help researchers continue to engage in their researches by deploying Research Supporter and extending support for their research, even though they aren’t able to do enough research activities because of childbirth, child-rearing or nursing care.

■ Eligibility

    Among full time researchers,
  1. Those who are pregnant or raising children of 6th grade or under.
  2. Those taking care of relatives who are certified by municipal government as being in need of long-term care (irrespective of living together or not.)
  3. Those having other reasons equivalent to ones mentioned above.

■ How to apply

    Please download the following files, fill in the forms and submit them to the Office for Gender Equality.
  • Implementation Guideline (PDF:KB) (word:KB
  • Form 1: Application form for access to Research Supporter System (PDF:KB) (word:KB
  • Form 2: Biography form for candidates of Research Supporter (PDF:KB) (word:KB
  • Form 3; Form of report on the usage of Research Supporter System (PDF:KB) (word:KB

■ Application deadline

Until August 31(Wed), 2016

■ Duration

Eligible applicants will be able to use the system from October 1 to March 31, 2017.

How to download files

Please when downloading files, save to your computer without open in browser directly.

Right click the file link.
For Internet Explorer Select [Save target as file], for Firefox · Chrome [Save link as ...]. Select the folder you want to save and press [Save] to complete.

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