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Ubiquitous Working System

The Gender Equality of Basic Plan of Yamagata University stipulated in June 2010 pledges to improve an environment to enable ubiquitous working as a part of projects of fostering an environment for balancing between education, research activities, working and family life. For that reason, by transferring a part of jobs that have been allowed to execute inside university alone so far to the outside university, we are able to support users of the system more efficiently in juggling works at university and family life.
Specifically speaking, when users file application to the Office for Gender Equality and receive ID card and password, they will be able to partially access to the websites of Yamagata University and input to which those outside university haven’t been allowed to access until now.

■ Details

    If you are interested in types of works that ubiquitous working system is applicable, eligibility of users and notes in taking advantage of this system, please download the following files and refer to them.
  • Guide for using Ubiquitous Working System (PDF:KB) (word:KB
  • Instruction for using Ubiquitous Working System  (PDF:KB) (word:KB
  • Additional Explanation on admission of using Ubiquitous Working System
    (amended on February 9, 2011)  (PDF:KB

■ Application

    Please download the following file after reading the Guide and Instruction mentioned above. Fill in the application form and submit it in writing to the Office for Gender Equality. When you submit, please send it by internal mail or bring it to the Office.
  • Application form for using Ubiquitous Working System (PDF:KB) (word:KB

How to download files

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