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Leasing laptop personal computers to female researchers

We lend laptop computers and web cameras to female researchers who face family events such as childbirth, child-rearing, nursing care or living alone apart from family. In accordance with the attached guideline, we look for female researchers who want to borrow equipments including laptop computers.

■ Eligibility

Of full-time female researchers of Yamagata University, those who fulfill the following requirements are eligible.

  1. Those who are pregnant or raising children of the 6th grade or under
  2. Those taking care of relatives who are certified by municipal government as being in need of long-term care (irrespective of living together or not.)
  3. Those having more than two households due to their workplace circumstances
  4. Those having other reasons equivalent to ones mentioned above.

■ Duration of lease

From April, 2016 to the end of March, 2017

■ Details and How to apply

After reading “Guideline for Leasing Laptop Computers” well, please fill in the application form for Leasing Laptop Computers and submit it to the Office for Gender Equality by internal mail or bring it by yourselves.

How to download files

Please when downloading files, save to your computer without open in browser directly.

Right click the file link.
For Internet Explorer Select [Save target as file], for Firefox · Chrome [Save link as ...]. Select the folder you want to save and press [Save] to complete.

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