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Mentor system to support female researchers

The Office of Gender Equality has implemented a “Mentor system to support female researchers” as a part of Yamagata Work-Life Balance Innovation programs under model initiatives to support female researchers since February 1, 2011. This system aims to help female young researchers and newcomers (mentees) to enhance their human network, adapt themselves to their workplace, fulfill their potentials in teaching and doing research through counseling with their mentors who are their senior researchers.

  • For more information, please refer to Mentor System Guideline.  (PDF:KB

For those who want to take advantage of Mentor System

1 Eligibility: The following female researchers are eligible to use the system.

  • Young female researchers mean associate professors, assistant professors, those in doctor course, post-doctoral fellows and clinical fellows (other than those on short-time working).
  • Newcomers mean full-time researchers who have attended for less than three years.

2 Major topics of counseling:

  1. Topics relating to how to establish a research career and how to improve one’s career
  2. Topics relating to educational activities and businesses at university
  3. Topics relating to organizations and circumstances surrounding them
  4. Topics relating to work-life balance
  5. Others

3 Duration of using Mentor System and Application deadline:

At any time

4 Duration of using Mentor System:

If you file an application, please download the following files, fill in the forms and submit them to the Office for Gender Equality.

How to download files

Please when downloading files, save to your computer without open in browser directly.

Right click the file link.
For Internet Explorer Select [Save target as file], for Firefox · Chrome [Save link as ...]. Select the folder you want to save and press [Save] to complete.

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