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"Experience of mini-world in ZAO" was held.(9/12-16)

October 6, 2016

From Sept. 12th to Sept. 16th, "Experience of mini-world" was held. Five Japanese students and eight international students from Rwanda, Cameroon, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bolivia, and China participated in the seminar. 

"Experience of mini-world in Zao" was an International Exchange Practical Seminar, and aimed at the improvement in international sense and global awareness. Participants used English as their language, and deepened their understanding of Japan and various countries through discussion and presentation.

They stayed at Mt. Zao Lodge of YU from Sept. 13th to Sept. 16th, and  enjoyed discussion, trekking and Japanese calligraphy. On Sept. 16th, They exchanged opinions with international exchange workers of Yamagata prefecture. It seemed that those students were satisfied with the programs of the seminar.

Situation of Discussion

With Works of Japanese Calligraphy

A Visit to Congress Venue of Yamagata Prefecture

Memorial Photo with Mieko Yoshimura, Governor

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