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Faculty of Agriculture

A New Era of Wild Animal Control

Captured Japanese monkey

The Faculty of Agriculture of Yamagata University tries to discover sustainable "coexistence" of human beings and wild animals in an era of depopulating through cross-sectoral approach. Japanese deer and Japanese monkeys are familiar wild animals in Japan and used to be seen in Tohoku region, but they started to be overhunted all over Japan and once became almost extinct. They have been increasing recently, but the recovery and redistribution of wild animal population began to create new social problems such as serious damage to agricultural crops and forest industry and extreme change of ecosystem. "To solve these problems, it is imperative to accumulate the skills to properly manage wild animal control, as well as to create sustainable farming communities." says Associate Professor Hiroto Enari in the field of Forest Biodiversity Conservation and Wildlife Management. It is necessary to approach the problem from not only bionomics but also social sciences, since they are actually caused by the rapid changes and decreasing and aging population in agricultural societies. As one of the few university research laboratories dealing with large-size mammalian in Tohoku, YU challenges to find the win-win solutions for many people concerned without discussing the dichotomy of protection and extermination.