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Faculty of Engineering

World's Best Research Center of Organic Materials

The world's first fully-printed transistor circuitry (Research Center for Organic Electronics)

The Faculty of Engineering of Yamagata University is the core global center of organic electronics industry cluster, leading the world first invention of white OLED lightening (1993) and its world first industrialization (2008). We are the only international research base of organic electronics in the world, having two research centers; Research Center for Organic Electronics opened in 2011 and Innovation Center for Organic Electronics opened in 2013. We are also a world-leading institute in the area of organic materials, 3D printing technology, precise polymer processing and biomaterials. Aiming to lead the further progress as a world's best research institution for organic materials, YU is now developing "Frontier Organic Systems," a new field that will enrich the future society 10 years ahead. YU has also developed its educational system including newly established 5-year program "Innovative Flex Course for Frontier Organic Material Systems (iFront)" to gather top-class students both domestically and internationally. Thanks to the supports from the region, Japan and the world, YU will keep on leading the progress toward the next generation and fostering future human resources who will lead the evolution.