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Nano Metal School: A New Form of Business-Academia Collaboration

Professor Masato Kurihara, Ph.D. (Coordination Chemistry, Nano Material Chemistry)

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Printed Electronics (PE) is the up-to-date technology that can produce electronic circuits thinner, lighter and flexible for various electric devices by using conductive inks on the plastic circuits such as PET. Professor Masato Kurihara of the Faculty of Science of Yamagata University invented the mass production method of high-performance Ag nanoparticles, the ingredient used to produce the inks for PE technology. He launched the joint research "Nanometal School" in 2012. YU allows private corporations to use the patent-technology that YU originally developed so that they can further conduct its applied researches in each corresponding field. As for now, 23 private corporations have joined the Nanometal School. They are electronic companies dealing manufactures and sales of Ag nanoparticles, and allowed to freely conduct collaborative research projects among themselves. Participation of multiple corporations encourages deeper cooperation and active competition, and promotes research to establish PE technology ahead of the world and invigorate industry in Japan. This is a new form of business-academia collaboration to which can accelerate research through both collaboration and competition, and other institutions are highly interested in this new system that is uniquely created by Yamagata University.