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Faculty of Agriculture

Toward the Support of Healthy Longevity Utilizing Food Substances

Associate Professor of Food and Nutritional Chemistry

Nao Inoue

The Prevention and Alleviation of Lifestyle-related Diseases Using Food Components

In recent years, the number of patients with lifestyle-related diseases, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension, has increased rapidly. The importance of food’s healthy functions is recognized for the prevention and alleviation of such lifestyle-related diseases, and for the promotion of healthy longevity. Based on such background, we carry out “studies on prevention and alleviation of lifestyle-related diseases by food-derived functional components.”

The Search for Functional components and Elucidation of Action and Mechanism

Food contains various ingredients. We search for those ingredients that are related to the maintenance of good health or the prevention and alleviation of diseases. We carry out various analysis using biological samples, such as cultured cells and lab animals.

Development of Human Resources

In addition to carrying out specialized experiments in our lab, I am also in charge of teaching practical experiments to the undergraduate section. In the first semester of the sophomore year, students learn the basics that enable them to deal with the Faculty of Agriculture’s broad-ranging research. In the second semester, they learn measurement methods for various substances, such as glucose, lipids and vitamins, contained in food and biological samples.