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What is TSUBASA?

The intercollegiate FD*1 network was formed in East Japan.

We have inaugurated the intercollegiate faculty development network‘TSUBASA’.‘TSUBASA’ is metaphorical meaning of beatings of wings. It aims to practice faculty development (FD) to
heighten the overall quality of education in East Japan,
based on the achievements and experiences of Yamagata University, nationally known as one of
the most advanced institutions in FD.

*1 What is FD?
FD(Faculty Development) means the projects in which institutions of higher education such as universities, colleges and junior colleges improve the methods or principles of their education.


Forty One universities, colleges and junior colleges in East Japan are taking part
in the FD network TSUBASA.


Goal of the FD network TSUBASA

Through TSUBASA, higher educational institutions (universities, colleges and junior colleges) in
East Japan cooperate and act even more closely to conduct FD. We put our efforts into
improving classes, curriculums, and our educational institutions. We share the outcome of educational efforts in each institution as well as the information on the features of educational reform in each institution. No expense is involved to join the network. While saving costs, we can improve educational activities through the FD network.

  FD Activities
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