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A Short-term Study Program in Three Andean Countries was Held

Apr 13, 2018

The FY17 short-term study program in three Andean Countries was held from February 22nd to March 14th for a total of twenty-one days. A total of eleven participants – seven from Yamagata University, two from the National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College, and two from the Yamagata Prefectural Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences – visited three South American countries. This year, visitation and training at Nikkei museum in Peru and a Japanese company in Chile were also included in the schedule.

The following are the itinerary and a photographic report.

February 22nd (Thu)

Leaving Narita and arriving late at night on the same day at Lima, Peru via Mexico City (AEROMEXICO)

Peru February 23rd (Fri) - February 28th (Wed)

Lima – A lecture and welcome meeting at the Catholic University of Peru, National University of San Marcos, La Molina Agricultural University, and National University of Engineering / A visit to Nikkei museum at APJ
Nasca – A visit to a geoglyph in the shape of a llama found by Yamagata University / A lecture and presentation at the Yamagata University Nasca Research Institute / A visit to the Antonini Museum.

After the lecture about the Nikkei Society at Catholic University, Japanese students visited the Nikkei museum.

First taste of Ceviche

Natural observatory in Nasca

Welcome party at San Marcos University

Bolivia March 1st (Thu) - March 5th (Mon)

Leaving Lima and arriving at La Paz (LATAM)
La Paz - Introduction to Bolivia and an exchange meeting at San Andres University /  A city tour
Uyuni – A visit to the Train Cemetery / A visit to a garbage dump and Salar de Uyuni

The La Paz ropeway, which is the important transportation system in the hilly city

Folk dance demonstration at San Andres University

Lama meat dish at Oruro on the way to Uyuni

Whiteness of Uyuni Salt Lake. Let’s go!

Chile March 6th (Tue) - 10th (Sat)

Leaving La Paz and arriving at Santiago (LATAM)
Talca – A lecture and exchange meeting at Talca University / A city tour / A dinner party at the hotel featuring dishes cooked by the students
Constitucion – A visit to Celulosa Arauco and winery
Santiago – A lecture at Sony Chile Ltda. and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Leaving Santiago and arriving at Lima (LATAM)

Lecture and demonstration of “Drone use in agriculture” at Talca University

Talca central market filled with a variety of fruits. The prices are very reasonable.

Training at Celulosa Arauco, an afforestation factory

A Visit to the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array) HQ office

Back to Peru - March 11th (Sun) – March 12th (Mon)

Lima – A visit downtown, to Miraflores, and to Fountain Park / Farewell party / Workshop at San Marcos University
Leaving Lima (AEROMEXICO)

Downtown Lima, attempting to ride a Segway with the help of a policeman

Farewell party, three YU students joined wearing Yukata.

Agua del Parque de la Reserva, Fountain Park, a new spot in Lima

Workshop at San Marcos University

March 14th (Wed)

Arriving at Narita via Mexico City (AEROMEXICO)