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Report on FY18 Short-Term Stay Program for South American Students

Aug 24, 2018

A Japan Short-Term Stay Program was conducted from July 31st to August 12th, and 10 students from South America visited Yamagata and Tokyo. This year, the themes of the program were narrowed down to “Economy,” “Environment” and “Culture,” and lectures and fieldwork activities were held on each campus according to these topics. At the Kojirakawa campus, they joined workshops and presentations together with Japanese students by forming three groups. The following is a report of their activities.

Jul. 31st (Tue)

Arrive at Narita. Travel from Narita to Yonezawa

August 1st (Wed.) - 3rd (Fri.) At Yonezawa

Orientation. Lecture at the Faculty of Engineering. Visit the laboratory and important culture properties. Participate in open campus 2018. Lecture and seminar at Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences. Welcome party organized by Yonezawa students. Visit Innovation Centre of Organic Electronics (INOEL), the Smart MIRAI House, NEC Personal Computer (NECP) and an elderly care center called Yuinoki.

Lecture on “Strength and Competitiveness of Japanese Manufacturing” by Dr. Yuzo Ito

Visiting the Tokito laboratory (Explanation by Dr. Takeo Shiba)

Yonezawa University of Nutrition Sciences – Check daily nutrition balance using the SAT system

Yonezawa welcome party – “Cueca” taught by Chilean students

Visiting important cultural properties at the Faculty of Engineering

Visiting a sake brewery during free time

August 4th (Sat.) - 7th (Tue.) At Tsuruoka

Travel from Yonezawa to Tsuruoka. Visit Matsugaoka Kaikonba, Haguro Mountain and Kamo Aquarium. Lecture at Faculty of Agriculture. Welcome party organized by Tsuruoka students. Visit Nipponham Northeast. Lecture at NIT Tsuruoka College. Visit coastal forests and Tsuruoka City Sewage Treatment Plant.

Wearing Yukata at Kushibiki farmer’s house

Visiting coastal forests after the lecture “Evaluation of the effect of the 2011 Tsunami on coastal forests by means of multiple isotopic analyses of tree-rings” by Dr. Larry Lopez

Visiting the Tsuruoka City Sewage Treatment Plant after the lecture “Wastewater treatment plant as a center of resource-circulation for agriculture” by Dr. Toru Watanabe. Inside the center, there are experimental rice fields that make use of the waste water and a plastic greenhouse that uses electricity generated from digestion gas.

Tsuruoka welcome party – Koto performance by a Japanese student

After a presentation on allergy free factories, rice flour bread and meat products were served at Nipponham Northeast Ltd. The taste was impressive!

Origami practice after the lecture at NIT Tsuruoka College

August 8th (Wed) - 10th (Fri) At Kojirakawa

Lecture at theFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Welcome party organized by Kojirakawa students. Visit Bunsho-kan and Yamagata Prefectural Museum. Courtesy call on the President of Yamagata University. Workshop and wrap-up presentation. Travel from Yamagata to Tokyo.

Lecture on “Fenollosa’s Essay on Chinese Characters” by Dr. Yutaka Ito


Kojirakawa welcome party – South American students performed a song and dance wearing a uniform. Japanese students demonstrated martial arts.

Workshop for the “Environment” group – Instructed by Dr. Toru Watanabe from Tsuruoka via TV conference system.

Commemorative photo with President Kiyohito Koyama

Commemorative photo after the wrap-up presentation with Dr. Hitoshi Yasuda, Dr. Kunihiko Kiyozuka and Japanese students.

August 11th (Sat)

Visit Sensoji Temple, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and the Edo-Tokyo museum.

Sensoji Temple


August 12th (Sun)

Transfer from Tokyo to Narita. Leave Narita for South America.