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Personal Information Protection Policy

Yamagata University promotes the following actions to properly protect information which identifies a particular individual (hereafter called personal information).

  1. Yamagata University, when necessary to collect, use or receive personal information, acts only if the action is necessary to carry out the purpose and mission of the university, and conforms to the Act for the Protection of Personal Information Retained by Independent Administrative Institutions (Act No.59 of 2003).
  2. Yamagata University endorses proper management of personal information by educating the staff and by assigning a manager for protection in each division dealing with personal information.
  3. Yamagata University takes proper measures to prevent such dangers as illegitimate access to personal information or loss/falsification/leak of personal information.
  4. At Yamagata University, personal information, whether provided by students/pupils (hereafter called students), staff or other people, is used only for such legitimate purposes as carrying out the responsibilities of the university in education or research, or for providing medical treatment to the person.
  5. Yamagata University does not allow third parties access to the personal information it receives from students, staff or other people unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.
  6. When asking students, staff or other people for personal information, Yamagata University will inform them of the purpose for collecting the information as well as the university's relevant service units. When necessary, Yamagata University will also inform the person of which third parties may receive his or her personal information.
  7. Yamagata University, when providing third parties with personal information received from students, staff or other people, unless some particular situation is recognized as an exception, will exert a contractual obligation to prevent its leak or release by the third parties.
  8. Yamagata University will respond legally and rationally to a personfs requests to confirm or correct their personal information.
  9. Yamagata University abides by the laws and norms related to protecting personal information, reviews its internal rules continuously, and endeavors to improve those rules.

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