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YU Graduation Ceremonies 2018

March 23, 2018

Graduation Ceremonies were held at 3 cities, Tsuruoka, Yonezawa and Yamagata, in March, 2018.
1,692 university graduates, 467 masters and doctoral graduates and 38 professional school of education graduates flew away to make their dreams come true.

President Koyama handed out a diploma or a certificate of completion to the representatives of each department and major.

In the speech for encouragement, the President said to the graduates " I convince that you can live your lives strongly in the 'era of 100-year life'.  Be proud of what they have learned at YU and open up a vibrant future with young power."

2 representatives gave speeches for the reply to the President's speech.  Takumi Kitaoka, graduates in Faculty of Medicine, said "I certainly have a proud of being a graduate of YU and would like to devote myself to helping society."  And Chika Nakamura, master's graduates in Graduate School of Social and Cultural Systems, said "I learned the importance of capturing things from various perspectives. I would like to make use of the 'power to face problems' cultivated over two years in the future."

Congratulations to all YU graduates!

Graduation in Yamagata

Graduation in Yonezawa

Graduation in Tsuruoka

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