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【Upcoming Event!】Yamagata University International Exchange Photo Contest 2023

February 2, 2024

Yamagata University is holding a photo contest to spread the cross-cultural experiences of studying abroad, and the attractiveness of Yamagata University as a perspective of international students.

The Yamagata University International Exchange Photo Contest 2023 will accept entries in two categories: “Overseas Experiences” and “International Students”. The Overseas Experiences Category will be open to photos that capture the moments of experiencing different cultures through study abroad programs, such as short-term study abroad programs, undergraduate study abroad programs (including student ambassadors), as well as photos of landscapes that can only be seen in different countries. The International Students Category is looking for photos that depict the appeal of studying at Yamagata University as perceived by international students. Please feel free to participate.

・Eligibility:Yamagata University students (including Short-term exchange students)
・Submission period:From December 27, 2023 to February 22, 2024
・How to submit:Entries can be submitted through the Yamagata University Exchange Platform website.

  ①Access to “Yamagata University Alumni Association Exchange Platform” website to register as a
     “regular member”.

  ※For more information on how to register for the Exchange Platform, please click here.

  ②Post your entries to the "International Student Plaza" on the Exchange Platform.

    Please follow the instructions below to submit your photos.
    -Enter the title of the photo in the "Title" field.
    -The title should be in both Japanese and English, or in either language.
    -Please fill in (1) the place where the photo was taken (2) the program you participated in
    (Overseas Experience Category), and (3) episodes related to the photo, in the text field.

  Please click here for more information.

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