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World's highest water vapor barrier performance achieved in printing

April 14, 2023

World's highest water vapor barrier performance achieved in printing

Prof. Yoshiyuki Suzuri and his research group of Yamagata University has developed an ultra-high barrier that can be printed or coated. Conventionally, a vacuum deposition method has been used to achieve high barrier performance, which is expensive. In this research, high barrier performance was achieved by printing/coating and irradiating with VUV light (wavelength of 172 nm) to form a dense inorganic film. The barrier performance is about 100 times higher than that of conventional wet-coat barriers, and is the world's highest performance of wet-coated barriers. These results have been published in a paper (also selected for the cover) and a patent application has been filed. In addition to cost reduction, this technology can contribute to low carbon emissions. Barrier technology has a wide range of applications and will be deployed not only in devices such as OLEDs, sensors, solar cells, and lithium rechargeable batteries, but also in packaging and other fields. In addition to the two awards and the selection of the paper as a cover, this technology has been introduced at Science Japan (JST*) and in JST* news and so on.
*JST : Japan Science and Technology Agency

1. Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 2201517(8pp.) (2022)

 2. Science Japan (JST)

3. JST news vol.2 2023 (Japanese)

4. JST Chinese Portal Site “客観日本“ (Chinese)

5. YouTube (Japanese); New Technology Presentation Meetings (JST)

This work was supported in part by JST A-STEP, COI, OPERA programs, and JSPS KAKENHI.
JST A-STEP (Grant No. JPMJTR21T8), JST COI Program (Grant No. JPMJCE1312), JST OPERA Program (Grant No. JPMJOP1844), JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Fundamental C (Grant No. 20K05640)


Yoshiyuki Suzuri / Ph.D, Professor
Innovation Center for Organic Electronics, Yamagata University
e-mail suzuri@yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp

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