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Dealing with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

April 13, 2020

We ask all our students to read the following information.

Current status

▶The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus to be a pandemic (global spread of infection). Infections have also been increasing within Japan, mainly in urban areas, and the Japanese government declared a state of emergency on April 7, 2020.

▶Viruses cannot be seen. Young people in particular often show no symptoms from this virus, so they can unknowingly infect their family members and friends.

▶Based on past data, we know that there is risk of infection in situations such as talking to someone at a distance within arms' length in enclosed spaces with little ventilation.

What we ask of you

▶Do not travel to any of the regions for which a state of emergency has been declared (we will refer to these as emergency zones). If you are currently in an emergency zone, please remain at home (your current place of residence) until the state of emergency is lifted. If you have travelled to an emergency zone, please return to your place of residence and remain there for 14 days while checking your health condition every day.

▶Even if you are not in an emergency zone, we ask that you refrain from travelling outside of Yamagata Prefecture (including personal travel) if possible. If you absolutely must return to your home country, make sure to notify Yamagata University in advance.

▶Even when searching for a job, please avoid travelling out of Yamagata Prefecture if possible. Yamagata University is also asking companies to conduct their company information sessions and hiring interviews online.

▶Suspend all "circle" group activities, dinner parties and other meal gatherings.
▶If you must work at a part-time job, please observe the following three rules.

  1. Get enough fresh air (5 to 10 minutes of outside air every hour or two)
  2. Maintain physical distance from other people
  3. Do not talk to people from a close distance

▶Even when outdoors, do not go to places where large numbers of people gather.

▶Consciously avoid the "three types of close spaces" ((1) Enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, (2) Places where large numbers of people gather closely together, (3) Places where people talk to each other at close distance).

▶Remain at home if you have a fever (37.5°C or higher, or at least 1°C above your normal body temperature).

▶If you have a fever that persists four days or longer, or if you suspect that you have come into contact with someone who is infected with the coronavirus, contact the Yamagata University Health Administration Center (023-628-4154) and follow their instructions. Please also contact the Health Administration Center if you are feeling unwell or anxious.

▶If you have travelled or returned to Japan from overseas, you must contact the Yamagata University Health Administration Center (023-628-4154) and follow their instructions regardless of whether you suspect that you may be infected with the coronavirus. Please also remain at home for 14 days before going outside.

We ask that you make it your personal responsibility to take action that helps stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Preventing the spread of infection

 It is possible that the infection could continue to spread. Please help contain the spread by thoroughly washing your hands, disinfecting your hands and fingers with alcohol-based sanitizer, wearing a face mask, and being courteous to others when coughing.

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