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Yamagata University Fund

Soaring to Great New Heights

Yamagata University has been sincerely dedicated to education, research and regional contribution since its foundation in May 1948. We have been working on fostering human resources and empowering the regional community as well as pursue, success and development of the knowledge.

Originally started with 4 faculties, Yamagata University today has about 10,000 students enrolled with 6 faculties for undergraduate levels and 7 graduate schools along with other attached institutions and education and research support institutions, thanks to the continuous effort by former presidents, faculties and staffs, and commitment and corporations of alumni and local community.

Because the subsidies have been gradually reduced since the partial privatization of the Japanese national university system in April 2004, Yamagata University has been promoting full-scale university reforms including improvement of management system and simplification and acceleration of administrative procedures, striving for more efficient and self-sustaining school management.

We would like to continue improving Yamagata University with your help to a more attractive university so we can meet the needs of regional society and keep contributing to our community through higher quality education and researches.

YU Do Best Scholarship was established in 2008, aiming at further improvement of our educational and research environment so that our students can be fully devoted to learning and campus life.

In addition, Yamagata University Fund was established to manage the Scholarship stably and properly, and fulfill our responsibility to foster excellent human resource as a center of knowledge of Yamagata Prefecture and Japan. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and your continued generous support will be greatly appreciated.

Hidetoshi Tamate
Yamagata University

About YU Do Best Scholarship

Yamagata University's primary mission is to establish a reputation as an institution that places students at the main actors. As part of an initiative to accomplish such task, we offer YU Do Best Scholarship in order to provide the kind of environment where competitive students can fulfill their full potential.
Those who are selected as scholarship recipients will be issued a certificate of YU DO Best scholarship by the President of the University at an awarding ceremony. Freshmen as well as high school students applying to YU are encouraged to make their best effort to obtain YU DO Best scholarship in the future.


30,000 yen monthly (360,000 yen yearly)


2 years

Number of Recipients

10 students each academic year


Undergraduate students in good academic standing who are:

  • (1) In their second year at the time of application and will be in their third year in the following academic year, or
  • (2) In their fourth year at the School of Medicine at the time of application and will be in their fifth year in the following academic year.

Selection Process

The President will select undergraduate students considered best qualified as scholarship recipients from among second-year students and fourth-year medical students. The selection will be made based on the applicant's track record in the areas of academic, extracurricular and volunteer activities for previous year as well as on the recommendation by the dean of the corresponding faculty at Yamagata University.

Giving From Overseas

If you wish to make a contribution from outside of Japan, please email to somsomu★jm.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp (General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department of Yamagata University) for more information.