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Cutting Edge Organic Electronics at YU

Yamagata University Research Institute in Nasca, Peru

Research activities at YU are characterized by rural and regional studies including environmental conservation as well as by collaborative projects in broad disciplinary areas conducted with various sectors locally, nationally and internationally. These sectors include private corporations, higher education institutions, regional education committees and school districts, NPOs, and the government sector. Collaborative research efforts are being made with our partner institutions and bases in Europe, Asia, and the Americas in a variety of academic disciplines including agriculture, engineering, education and Japanese studies.

The prominent areas of research at YU are as follows:

Academic FieldResearch
Archaeology Nasca in Peru
University Museum
Area Studies Middle East
Agricultural Science Studies of rice & rice paddies
Field Science Center with the University Farm and Forest
Food science
Astronomy Astronomical Observatory on campus
Earth & Environmental Sciences  
Education Pedagogy to produce more highly skilled teachers in the region
Higher education with a focus on faculty development and the credit transfer scheme between the university consortium in Yamagata
Special education
Engineering Organic EL
English as a Foreign Language  
Environmental Studies Mogami River Conservation Studies
Foreign Language Education Russian, Korean, Chinese, French & German
Geology Landslide studies in Nepal and other regions
Informatics AI (Artificial Intelligence) Japanese Chess
International Education Intercultural communication
International student education
Japanese as a second language
Multicultural studies
Martial Arts (Theory of Budo Culture) Budo (Japanese martial arts) including kendo, judo, aikido and iaido.
(Iaido, one of the Japanese martial arts, originated here in Yamagata.)
Medicine Molecular Epidemiology, Global COE
Metabolic syndrome (CKD, CVD)
Nuclear Research Collaboration with European Organization for Nuclear Research
Nursing Regional & clinical nursing, Team medical care; collaborative efforts in the fields of health, medicine & welfare, care for the aged in the region
Doctoral program
Regional Studies History of Yamagata and its distinctive culture