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Faculty of Education, Art and Science

Seeking a better form of support for families and related parties

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

Kohei Sato

Through psychological study, students acquire a scientific way of thinking. Qualifications that correspond to undergraduate and graduate levels can also be acquired.

Family therapy-Supporting the people close to patients

I specialize in clinical psychology, a field which pursues the origin of emotional issues and the form of support for a variety of related problems. In particular, my research focuses on "family therapy." Instead of providing direct support to the individual who is thought to possess psychological issues, family therapy provides support for family and other people (school instructors, coworkers) close to patients. I have conducted practical research and empirical fundamental research related to support for depression, truancy, and social withdrawal.

During classes, students cultivate understanding by exchanging opinions.

Searching for a better form of support

When facing an issue, we tend to focus solely on the problem at hand. However, problems tend to fluctuate; that is, there are times when problems appear severe and times when problems seem not to exist (or seem relatively minor; the problem seems to be an exception or resolved). Furthermore, in contrast to coping behavior which is not only ineffective but actually exacerbates the problem (negative cycle), there are also coping behaviors which are effective at improving the problem (positive cycle).

The "Psychological Education Counseling Room" is an important place where students acquire practical ability by providing psychological support for local residents.

Solution focus" is a concept which prioritizes an increase in solutions rather than a decrease in problems. This is achieved by focusing on exceptions, solutions, and positive cycles. In recent years, solution focus is being increasingly used in psychological counseling, education, and child welfare. Moving forward, I will use this perspective to search for a better form of support for families and related parties.