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Associate Professor of International Relations


Can man-made discrimination be eradicated so as to help resolve the challenges faced by international society?

I study how international rules for the eradication of human trafficking take root.

Rules prohibit the trafficking of human beings as an international crime. However, the practice of human trafficking has yet to be eradicated. This is because there is a disparity between traffickers, who purchase humans, and sellers and victims. Traffickers have money, while sellers and victims do not.

Poverty is in the background as a major cause. However, discrimination based on gender, religion and race also exist. Discrimination, which contributes to human trafficking, is something that was created by humans. That is why I believe that the power of humanity can be used to change these circumstances.

How can human trafficking be eradicated? How do rules against human trafficking spread? I study such matters while focusing on the activities of various people.

The results of my own research in this field do not have a direct impact on the world. It can be frustrating at times. However, I can nurture interest in this international issue by educating students about the present circumstances through my lectures. I am hopeful that this can contribute to the resolution of this international issue.

There are English subtitles on this Youtube video.  If the settings aren't correct then please adjust them accordingly.

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