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Delicious processed livestock products created through local collaboration

Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture (Animal science)


Have you heard of Smart-terroir? Smart-terroir is defined as a region with sustainable food self-sufficiency based on local production for local consumption, where everything from raw material production to processing and consumption is completed within the region. In the Shonai region, farmers, processors, retailers, and consumers are collaborating together to produce and sell processed wheat, soybeans, and pork products. Yamagata University supports Smart-terroir through research and development, and our Laboratory conducts research at the University’s farm and local pig farms to maximize the use of feed resources available in the Shonai region to efficiently raise finishing pigs. We are working to create delicious processed livestock products based on evidence obtained through instrumental analysis of the taste, aroma, and texture of the loin hams and sausages processed from that pork and by conducting sensory testing with consumers and trained students. With the goal of creating Smart-terroir with diverse characteristics throughout the country, we will start by enhancing the Shonai region. We ask that you try our Smart-terroir products when you visit the Shonai region.

Loin ham on sale as part of Smart-terroir in Shonai

Introducing fattening pigs at the University’s farm

Analysis of the aroma components of processed livestock products

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