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Support for Tsunami Evacuation Measures Implemented by Local Communities

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Art, and Science (Social/Safety Systems Science, Geography)


Local tsunami evacuation efforts

A strain concentration zone that has repeatedly caused seismic activity is located in the Sea of Japan off the western part of the Shonai coastal area of Yamagata Prefecture, and the area is also at risk of tsunamis caused by earthquakes. In some cases, tsunamis in the Shonai coastal area are expected to arrive in less than 10 minutes due to the proximity of the coastal area to the strain concentration zone causing the earthquake, and there is a concern that evacuation to a safe place may not take place in time if residents await an announcement of tsunami information. Therefore, planning and confirming evacuation sites and actions upon evacuation in the event of a tsunami is particularly important in those areas. Based on the issues that arose and the lessons that were learned from past evacuations in the event of a tsunami, such as that following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been aiding in the planning and management of evacuation drills, designation of evacuation routes, and communicating risks to local residents in cooperation with neighborhood associations and schools in the Shonai coastal area. We are working to create tsunami-resilient communities in accordance with the characteristics of each community.

Reflecting on actions upon evacuation at an evacuation site

A community workshop on tsunamis and evacuation