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Ion pair detection and use

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering (Polymer synthesis/supramolecular chemistry)

The Yamakado Laboratory at Yamagata University is developing materials to sense “ion pairs” and new optoelectronic materials that combine organic molecules and “ion pairs.” Ion pairs, which are formed by a positively charged ion (cations) and a negatively charged ion (anions), are closely related to biological activities and the Earth’s environment. In order to detect the type and amount of ion pairs easily and quickly, our Laboratory has succeeded in developing organic molecules that change their luminescent color upon interaction with ion pairs. This technology is expected to be applied to environmental monitoring and taste sensors. Moreover, the properties of organic molecules that interact with ion pairs also change depending on the type of ion pair that they combine with. Therefore, we are endeavoring to develop on-demand materials with properties that can be induced by adding various ion pairs depending on the purpose. The fruition of this research will enable the development of materials at a significantly lower cost and with a significantly reduced environmental impact than was previously possible.

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