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Research to save patients’ lives

Professor, Faculty of Medicine (Department of Surgery II)

UCHIDA Tetsuro

The Department of Surgery II is responsible for cardiovascular, thoracic, and pediatric surgery, all of which are high-risk and highly specialized fields in which we are actively engaged in basic and clinical research. Cardiovascular surgery requires circulatory arrest of the heart and brain during surgery, and protection of these organs is an important issue. We conduct animal experiments using MRI scans to ensure that the brain and spinal cord are protected during aortic surgery, and we use this information in actual patient care. Thoracic surgery is researching treatment of lung cancer using the latest medical robots that allow precision operation. Pediatric surgery is actively introducing endoscopic surgery and conducting clinical research on the diagnosis of intestinal ischemia using intraoperative fluorescence imaging. We are also involved in a multicenter joint study on lung cancer and pediatric oncology and in the establishment of guidelines for medical care in Japan. All research by the Department of Surgery II is intended to directly benefit patient care in the near future.

Animal experiments involving protection of the organs according to MRI scans

Lung cancer surgery using a surgical robot

Diagnosis of intestinal ischemia using intraoperative fluorescence imaging

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