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Course Schedule


Contents First Semester Second Semester
April 15th
October 3rd
May 7th
October 17th
(3)Fieldwork May18th-August 9th October 26th-January 12th
(4)Final Presentation July 27th
February 7th


S-23I0425-1.jpg(29769 byte)   S-23I0425-2.jpg(28093 byte)

In the orientation, the regional person in charge presents the detail of the each program. According to their presentation, students chose the program they want to join.

(2)Brief Meeting

S-23I0516-1.jpg(27923 byte) S-23I0516-2.jpg(27695 byte)

In the brief meeting, students have the icebreaking activity with their group members and confirm the detail of the program.

(3)Join the Fieldwork

They join overnight fieldwork for twice a semester. Students are required to write the activity report.

(4)Final Presentation

S-23I0728-1.jpg(28443 byte)   S-23I0728-2.jpg(26733 byte)

Final Presentation will be hold at the end of the semester. All groups present what they have learned from the fieldwork and what they can do for Mogami Area.

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