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[Wake Your Dreams] #5 Agasuke House

March 29, 2018

Wake Your Dreams - Movie project introducing active YU students who continue working to realize their dreams.

Agasuke House, guest house opened in fall 2017, by 3 students, Masayoshi Takahashi in Faculty of Science, Haruka Haneda in Faculty of Litarature and Social Sciences and Hidenori Shibata in Faculty of Engineering, experienced studying and/or traveling abroad.

"Agasuke" is a Yamagata’s dialect and means easily elated, cheeky, but passionate and crazy.

Takahashi, Haneda and Shibata started from finding vacant house to open the guest house.  They faced and struggled difficulties many times, finally reached their goal for opening it.

Please take a look the story of Agasuke House. (English CC is available)

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