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Unraveling past natural disasters and preparing for potential disaster risks

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Art and Science (Social/safety system science, geography, local disaster preparedness and disaster training, area studies)


Natural disasters occur every year in various parts of Japan. We are mainly using geographical techniques to examine and study evacuating to protect oneself from these natural disasters and the communication of disaster risks. In specific terms, we are working to reconstruct past disasters and to identify lessons learned based on the literature, surveys, and interviews. We are also working to create local disaster prevention maps using GIS (geographic information systems) based on the reconstructed disasters. Using the reconstructed disasters and local disaster prevention maps, we also assist with the devising of disaster responses and evacuation plans suited to local conditions while promoting risk communication to local residents and schools.

Seminar students observing the flow of a river

Teaching students while operating equipment

Preparing for an experiment using the Emriver Geomodel

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