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Career Education as a Science from a Psychological Approach

Associate Professor, Institute of Arts and Sciences


Past surveys of young people in Japan and abroad have revealed that low self-esteem leads to low motivation and low self-confidence, which in turn affect their career choices. However, methods of increasing self-esteem and self-confidence have not been established.

We have thus far conducted a career education program for first-year university students and found that students (1) develop a positive understanding of themselves, (2) develop a sense of self-esteem through which they feel they are important, and (3) develop a sense of self-efficacy through which they feel they can do it. We have also found that this approach allows the creation of reproducible classes with the same results. Moreover, a follow-up survey of students who took the course in their first year verified through a statistical analysis that the course’s effects persisted after the second year (Fig. 1).

Based on the findings obtained thus far, we plan to study the relationship between career education and career paths and employment.

Fig. 1  The outcome career Education Program
Nobuhiro Matsuzaka, Minako Yamamoto, Koji Fujiwara (2023), FYE Course Improvement to Help Enhance Students’ Interpersonal Skills, 42nd Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience

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