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Administrative Staff


Kiyohito Koyama

Executive Director (Vice Presidents)

Hironori Yasuda Trustee (Vice President for Academic, Student Affairs and International Exchange)
Isao Kubota Trustee (Vice President for Research, Evaluation and Medical Treatment)
Yoshihiro Ohba Trustee (Vice President for Enrollment Management, Admissions and Social Responsibility)
Koji Abe Trustee (Vice President for General Affairs and Public Relations)
Hirotaka Kojima Trustee (Vice President for Finance and Facilities)
Takeshi Deguchi Vice President

University Auditors

Hitoshi Watanabe University Auditor
Chiharu Takeuchi University Auditor (Part-Time)


Kunihiko Kiyozuka

Dean, Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences and Graduate School of Social & Cultural Systems
Takeshi Deguchi Dean, Faculty of Education, Art and Science and Graduate School of Education
Hidetoshi Tamate Dean, Faculty of Science and Vice Dean, Graduate School of Science & Engineering
Hidetoshi Yamashita Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Graduate School of Medicine
Hiroshi Iizuka Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Science & Engineering
Mitsuhiro Hayashida Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Graduate School of Agriculture
Hironori Yasuda Head, Institute of Arts and Sciences