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History of Yamagata University

Since its foundation as a normal school in 1878, Yamagata University has grown to become a doctoral-granting, comprehensive public institution through two stages before and after 1949 when new government regulation in higher education came into effect.

Before 1949

1878 Yamagata Prefectural Normal School (YPNS) including its elementary school opened.
1886 YPNS was renamed Yamagata Prefectural Junior Normal School (YPJNS).
1898 YPJNS was renamed Yamagata Prefectural Normal School (YPNS).
1902 Yamagata Prefectural Women's Normal School (YPWNS) opened.
1910 Yonezawa Higher Technical School (YHTS) opened.
1920 Yamagata High School (YHS) opened (and later became the Faculty of Literature and Science).
1922 Yamagata Prefectural Technical Continuation School Teacher Training Center (YPTCS- TTC) opened.
1935 YPTCS-TTC was renamed Teacher Training Center at Yamagata Prefectural Young Men's School (YPYMS-TTC).
1943 YPNS and YPWNS merged into Yamagata Normal School (YNS).
1944 YPYMS -TTC was renamed Yamagata Youth Normal School (YYNS).
YHTS was renamed Yonezawa Engineering College.
1947 Yamagata Prefectural College of Agriculture and Forestry (YPCAF) and YNS junior high school opened.
1949 YHS, YNS, YYNS and YPAFC merged and became Yamagata University.

After 1949

1949 YU started with four Faculties: Faculty of Literature and Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture.
1954 Junior College of Engineering established.
1964 Graduate School of Engineering established.
1967 Faculty of Literature & Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, and Division of General Education established.
1970 Graduate School of Agriculture established.
1971 Faculty of Literature and Science closed.
1973 Faculty of Medicine established.
1975 Special Needs School established.
1979 Graduate School of Science established.
Graduate School of Medical Science established.
1985 Junior College of Engineering closed.
1990 United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences established.
1993 Graduate School of Education established.
1996 Division of General Education closed.
1997 Graduate School of Social & Cultural Systems established.
1999 Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Science merged and was renamed Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
2005 Faculty of Education was renamed Faculty of Education, Art and Science.
2009 Professional School of Education and Graduate School of Regional Education and Culture established.
2009 Institute of Art and Sciences established.

Academic Assembly established.


Graduate School of Organic Materials Science established.


Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences closed.
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences established.