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President's Message

"Regional Innovation" "Future Creation" "Multicultural Collaboration"

President Hidetoshi Tamate

Yamagata University is an institution that boasts a long history and tradition starting with its commencement as the Yamagata Normal School in 1878, and subsequently being founded as part of the new national university system.
It is a University that vaunts an impressive scale in Eastern Japan today, maintaining 6 Facilities, 7 Graduate Schools, Yamagata University Hospital, and 4 affiliated schools that include kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools. Furthermore, there are about 9,200 students, with 1,300 non-university level students, and 2,300 faculty members. The University posits "Regional Innovation" "Future Creation" "Multicultural Collaboration" as its mission and will play a crucial role as the driving force in the regional society under a sound university management.
In recent years, the social conditions surrounding the University have changed dramatically. The world is contending with population increase; the rapid rise of emerging countries; and the advancement in globalization seen in the areas of information and economy. Japan, on the other hands, is witnessing population decline; the diminished stature of the countryside; and the deflationary economy that is creating turmoil.
In order for Japan to continue to exist as it confronts unprecedented challenges that it has heretofore never experienced before, it is essential to grow by creating new values and incorporating the growth of other Asian countries. Furthermore, it is vital to captivate the people around the world by solving the challenges of humanity through the creation of intellectual value.
Under these circumstances, the role of Yamagata University is to responsibly nurture the type of human resources that the regional society is needing. For example, we are seeking individuals that can manage the regional economy or society, and those who understand the challenges facing the world yet are able to propose solution. Similarly, the University is looking for personnel that can create new social values through innovative ideas and who are able to develop them into business.
As the highest form of academic institution, it is the responsibility of Yamagata University to send out gifted individuals to the world so that they can contribute to the development of regional society, and continue to be the University that is necessary for the region.