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Yamagata University posits its mission and will play a crucial role as the driving force in the regional society under a sound university management.

Regional Innovation

Future Creation

Multicultural Collaboration

Fundamental Principles

With a harmonious relationship between nature and humans as its theme, YU aims to grow as an institution with a shining presence by exerting full efforts for education, research and social responsibility so as to accomplish its goals:

University Administration with a Focus on Student Learning

The University aims to become an institution where students are willing to learn and are taken best care of.

Fostering those who Possess Profound Humanity and High-level Expertise

The University fosters profound humanity based on well-rounded knowledge acquired through sound critical thinking and produces students who are skilled at identifying and solving problems by means of fundamental academic skills and high-level expertise.

Knowledge Generation

The University promotes progressive research to provide solutions to problems facing human beings.

Collaboration with Local and Global Communities

The University aims to become a world leading institution while being based in a local community. Protection of natural resources and the environment are a major consideration.

Continuing Reform Effort

The University continues to work on reforming itself to attain the above goals by conducting constant review and assessment in a four-stage cyclical process including planning, execution, assessment and improvement.