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Financial Aid

YU have a variety of financial aid programs available to students in the form of scholarships, loans, tuition waivers and work study. These funds support you for a limited period of time or throughout your studies depending on your financial need.


A range of scholarships are provided based on financial need, merit and other factors. These are offered by either Yamagata University or other organizations. A current list of scholarships available to students is shown below.


Student loans are also available to those in financial need.

Admission Fee - Waiver, Defined Grace Period

YU offers 50% admission fee exemption program and the defined grace period program for students who have difficulty paying admission fee extremely after the selection for applicants.

Tuition Waiver

If you have difficulty funding your study at YU, you may be eligible to apply for either a 50% or full tuition waiver. There are two types of waivers as shown below depending on your circumstances.

Work Study

There are also on-campus work opportunities to support your study at YU.
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YU DO BEST Scholarship

YU's primary mission is to establish a reputation as an institution that places students as the main actors. As part of an initiative to accomplish such task, we offer YU Do Best Scholarship in order to provide the kind of environment where competitive students can fulfill their full potential. Click here for information in Japanese.


  • Amount: 30,000 yen monthly (360,000 yen yearly)
  • Period: 2 years
  • Number of Recipients: 10 students each academic year


Undergraduates in good academic standing who are:

  • in their second year at the time of application who will be in their third in the following academic year, or
  • in their fourth year at the School of Medicine at the time of application who will be in their fifth in the following academic year

Selection Process

The President will select undergraduate students considered best qualified as scholarship recipients from among second-year students and fourth-year medical students. The selection will be made based on the applicants' track record in the areas of academic, extracurricular and volunteer activities for previous years as well as on the recommendation by the dean of the corresponding faculty at Yamagata University.

Those who are selected as scholarship recipients will be issued a certificate of YU DO Best scholarship by the President of YU at an awarding ceremony and paid a monthly stipend of 30,000 yen following the entrance ceremony in April in the next academic year. YU Do Best Scholarship recipients should be proud of this opportunity and have an even better student experience at YU.

Freshmen as well as high school students applying to YU are encouraged to make their best effort to obtain YU Do Best scholarships in the future.

Contact Information

Student Services
Department of Kojirakawa Campus Services
1-4-12 Kojirakawa-machi
Yamagata-City, Yamagata 990-8560
Phone: 023-628-4138
E-Mail : gsshogak★jm.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp

YU Student Support Fund

The YU Student Support Fund is a loan for students who temporarily have difficulty paying tuition and other fees for financial reasons.Click here for information in Japanese.


  • Up to 300,000 yen by 50,000 as a unit


Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time at Yamagata University can apply.


The YU Student Support Fund is a one-time, no interest loan available to students. The loan must be repaid in full or up to 12 installments within one year of the month they receive their loan money. Students shall pay their bill issued by the University and can do so ahead of schedule.

When they lose their student status upon graduation or completion of their program of study or for other reasons, they must make their repayment in full.

However, YU may give a grace period to those who have difficulty repaying their loans due to unavoidable reasons such as fire or illness.

Because funds are limited, they may be used up anytime in an academic year and therefore not be available.

How to Apply

To be considered as a scholarship recipient, please download the following forms, fill them out and then submit them to a corresponding student services office listed under "Inquiries" on this web page. Click here to learn more about YU Student Support Fund and its application procedure in Japanese before you apply.

Other Loans

Financial aid programs are also provided by local governments, private organizations and other sectors. Some programs accept applications directly from their applicants while others only accept ones through YU. The information about the latter will be announced on a bulletin board before accepting applications.

Tuition Waiver - Financial Reasons

YU offers a full or 50% tuition exemption program for students in good academic standing who have difficulty paying tuition for a semester.

Application Procedure

  • Those who wish to receive a tuition waiver will need to pick up an application form in advance and then submit it to the financial aid staff at Student Services at the Student Center, or one at their faculty during a designated period.
  • A certificate issued by a head of a municipal government of the applicant's residence must be attached to a tuition waiver request application.
  • As a tuition waiver applicant you will be allowed to delay your tuition payment until notified of the outcome. So, be sure not to pay tuition during that waiting period as you will not get it reimbursed if you do.

Tuition Waiver - Special Circumstances

YU may grant a tuition waiver to students for a semester or the next semester if they have difficulty paying tuition, either because their primary sponsors are deceased, or because the student or their sponsors suffer damage caused by natural disasters such as strong winds or flooding, within six months, or one year for freshmen, before a tuition payment deadline. In such case, you will need to obtain and submit a certificate and other documents stating the extent of that damage, which is issued by a head of a municipal government of your residence. The application process is the same as that of the other waiver type mentioned above.

You can pick up an application form for tuition waivers from the financial aid staff at Student Services at the Student Center for Kojirakawa Campus, or from a student service staff at each campus listed below under Inquiries.


For inquiries about scholarships and other financial aid, please contact a corresponding office at each YU campus listed below.

Kojirakawa Campus

Student Services
Kojirakawa Campus Services Department

Iida Campus (Medical and Nursing Sciences)

Academic and Student Services
Administrative Affairs Department
Faculty of Medicine

Yonezawa Campus (Engineering)

Student Services
Office of Administrative Affairs
Faculty of Engineering

Tsuruoka Campus (Agriculture)

Academic and Student Services Office of Administrative Affairs
Faculty of Agriculture