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Yamagata University Short Stay Program

International Exchange with Yamagata Citizens

Since the deregulation of Japanese national universities in 2004, Yamagata University has been promoting internationalization on campus by strengthening ties with higher education institutions and other sectors overseas. As of February, 2018, it has since initiated and implemented inter-university exchange agreements with 80 institutions in Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Americas. Activities under these agreements and other cross-border initiatives include student, faculty and staff mobility, collaborative research, international student recruitment and public relations. YU offers incoming international students a variety of academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels according to their academic needs, objectives and Japanese language skills. In 2007 YU launched the Japan Studies Program, a short-term exchange program accepting students from partner institutions for up to one academic year. JSP consists of courses in English and language study. The number of program participants has since been growing rapidly reflecting international students' demand for experiencing a good old Japan. Furthermore, to promote collaborative academic activities closely with the Asian region and Africa region, YU opened the Vietnam office in 2008 and the Kenya office in 2013.