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STEP-YU(International student from Ukraine only)

Applications are now closed.

Given the current critical situation in Ukraine, Yamagata University would like to offer support to students from Ukraine to continue their studies in Japan in 2023.

 Overview of Accepting Students from Ukraine

   1 Target of Assistance

  Students (undergraduate and graduate level) enrolled in Ukrainian universities who have difficulty continuing    their studies or researches due to Russian military invasion.

2 Acceptance Support

To be offered the same status as exchange students.

・Number of students:2

・Period of acceptance: April 2023 - March 2024

3 Tuition assistance

・Application fee, admission fee and tuition fee will be waived.

4 Lodging provision

 ・Free rental of the International Student Dormitory.

5 Livelihood support

 ・Livelihood support:JPY 70,000 per month

6 Other Assistance

 ・Travel expenses:The actual travel expenses will be provided.(Max. JPY 300,000)

    ・Preparation fee:JPY 100,000

7 Contact Us

 Yamagata University Enrollment Management Department International Affairs Division



   For more information, please review the following