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Japan Studies Program (JSP)


The Japan Studies Program (JSP) is specially designed for short-term exchange students enrolled full-time at our partner institutions overseas who wish to study at Yamagata University for a semester or academic year. JSP's general education mission is twofold: to offer Japanese cultural studies in English, and to provide Japanese language courses in six proficiency levels. Students enrolled in JSP have the opportunity to learn about Japanese history, culture, society and nature through lectures, practice and hands-on experiences.
We hope that participants will enhance their understanding of Japan by interacting with Yamagata University students, and that they will continue their studies on Japan after completing the program either in Japan or in their home country and utilize their learning internationally.


We require those who wish to take courses in the Japan Studies Program to meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be enrolled full-time and have completed two semesters of study at our partner institutions in foreign countries.
  2. Since all lectures on Japanese cultural studies in JSP are conducted in English, an applicant must have a good command of English.
  3. Applicants are expected to have received at least 150 hours of formal Japanese language training prior to their study in JSP.
  4. Applicants should be in good academic standing at their home institutions.


To complete JSP successfully, an applicant must earn a minimum of ten credits each semester by taking at least two courses each from Japanese cultural studies and Japanese Language courses. Exchange students may also take general education courses depending on their language skills, other than those offered in JSP,with the permission of course instructors and their faculty advisor.


One credit is worth fifteen contact hours(45 minutes per contact hour)in the Japanese cultural studies, and thirty contact hours in Japanese Language courses. However elementary level courses that require repetitive practice give one credit over forty to forty-five hours. All credits earned at Yamagata University will be evaluated at the home university before being transferred as earned credits towards your graduation at the home university.

Language Training

Japanese language training is an important part of the Japan Studies Program and is offered in six proficiency levels. Please see more information about its specific courses under Course Offerings below.

Course Offerings

The Japan Studies Program consists of lectures in Japanese cultural studies that are conducted in English, and Japanese language courses in six proficiency levels that are taught in Japanese, the target language, in order for students to be exposed to the language as much as possible thus enhancing effective learning.

Here is a list of the courses in the Japan Studies Program for academic year 2019 for exchange students to choose from.

Japanese Cultural Studies
Japanese Language
FALL 2022
Japanese Cultural Studies
Japanese Language
Other Courses:

Regular courses are offered at six Faculties at Yamagata University. Please click below for a bilingual list of courses along with their course descriptions in Japanese: