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Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences

The Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences has three master's programs and six courses, in order to respond to the development and pursuit of research in each major field and interdisciplinary areas and to the complex and diversified needs of society.

The School aims to foster people who have multifaceted and comprehensive discernment and a sense of balance to deal with various facets and specialities of agricultural science. It also aims to foster sophisticated professionals who have highly specialized knowledge and skills to respond to the diverse and complex requirements of society, and have the practical ability to engage creative works such as research, investigation and development.

Master's Programs

  • Bioproduction Science(Safe and Reliable Agricultural Production Course, Management of Food, Agriculture and Environment Course)
  • Bioresource Science (Food and Applied Life Sciences Course, Plant and Bioresource Sciences Course)
  • Bioenvironmental Science (Forest Science Course, Environmental Science and Technology for Water and Land Use Course)

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