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Health Administration Center

Health Administration Center provides various supports on health issues so that all the students stay healthy, both physically and mentally, in order to fully enjoy campus life in Yamagata University.
Feel free to come and consult with our professional staff and we will help you to deal with any health problems, concerns and worries.

Main Services

  1. Annual health checkups (Usually conducted in April and May every year, but please check the exact date announced in website of Health Administration Center (Japanese)
  2. Health consultation service by professional staff on any concerns and worries related to physical/mental health (Students in Iida, Tsuruoka and Yonezawa campuses can talk to staff of Health Administration Center in Kojirakawa via video-phone.)
  3. First aid in case of injury and sudden illness
  4. Reference to medical institutes including Yamagata University Hospital
  5. Other medical support, including measurement of blood pressure, height, body weight, body fat and visual acuity

Hours Open

Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm.
(Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)

Important Information for International Students:

  1. Foreigners who plan to stay in Japan for more than one year are able to apply for the National Health Insurance. To apply, please contact the municipal office of your residence.
  2. Take health checkups for early detection of illness.
  3. Please be careful that Rubella is prevalent in Japan. Vaccination should be recommended in order to prevent or ease Rubella infection.

Contact Information and Staff

Kojirakawa Campus

Health Administration Center
  • TEL.023-628-4154 (Nurse Room)
  • FAX.023-628-4157
  • Mail: nsroom★jm.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Director and Professor

Hitoshi Togashi, M.D., Ph.D. (Specialty: Internal Medicine)

Medical Professionals

Makiko Hayasaka, Nurse
Ritsuko Sasaki, Nurse
Risa Kikuchi, Nurse

Medical Counselors

Yoko Ito, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)
Yoshi Kudo, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)
Yukie Adachi, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)
Akiko Tanno, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)

Clerical Staffs

Sachiko Seike, Assistant Manager

Iida Campus

Health Administration Room
  • TEL.023-628-5981
Medical Professional

Sadako Suzuki, Nurse

Medical Counselors

Chihiro Tase, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)

Yonezawa Campus

Healthcare Room, Faculty of Engineering
  • TEL.0238-26-3034
  • Mail: kouhoken★jm.kj.yamagata-u.ac.jp
Associate Professor

Kuninori Takahashi, Clinical Psychologist

Medical Professional

Keiko Sone, Nurse

Medical Counselors

Yuriko Niino, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)
Keiko Takahashi, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)

Tsuruoka Campus

Healthcare Room, Faculty of Agriculture
Medical Professional

Hiroko Tsunoda, Nurse

Medical Counselor

Sanae Kato, Clinical Psychologist (part-time)